High-Quality Alcohol-System Antifoaming Agents

Alcohol system defoamer  , Antifoaming Agents Foam Clean AF-Series
It has better (about 3~5 times) immediate effects and sustainability than the existing mineral oil-system antifoaming agents. It effectively unites and enlarges fine bubbles in a liquid, raises them to the surface, and then, removes them. An application of fatty acid ester compounds and Fatty alcohol, it shows excellent antifoaming effects in acid/alkali and high temperature/high pressure processing. In addition, its main ingredient is fatty acid derivatives so it has great bio-degradability. It doesn¡¯t contain the substances discharging environmental hormones so unlike the existing anti-foaming agents, it doesn¡¯t have any influence on underwater organisms and no sediment is piled up. It is an environment-friendly product.
  General Properties and Specifications
Product Name AF-30NE AF-30ST AF-20SE AF-30NE
Appearance Milky emulsion Milky emulsion Milky emulsion Milky emulsion
Specific Gravity 0.96~1.00 0.96~1.00 0.96~1.00 0.96~1.00
Viscosity 100~1,500cps 100~1,500cps 100~1,500cps 100~1,500cps
pH 7.0~10.0 7.0~10.0 7.0~10.0 7.0~10.0
Solid 30(¡¾2) 30(¡¾2) 20¡­25 30(¡¾2)
Validity 6 months
  We develop the products that are suitable for your conditions and uses in addition to the above products, so please contact our R&D Center and sales division.
  - It is a fatty alcohol type defoamers so it has excellent initial antifoaming force and it
   suppresses and removes foam well.
- It shows excellent performance of removing and suppressing foam at the wide temperature range of
   10~50 ¡ÆC.
- It is economical enough to show a powerful antifoaming effect with its small quantity. It reduces water-
   treatment load.
- AF-30NE is an environment-friendly product. As a result of a toxicity test, its LC 50 (48 hours) value is
   over 20,000mg/§¤, which has less influence on aquatic organisms.
  - Waste water treatment for paper industry
- Waste water treatment for livestock
- Bubble removal from the seawater for cooling thermal power plants
- Bubble removal from the washing process of the electronic industry
- Waste water treatment for other industries
  How to use
  - When to input: In general, add it in advance before bubbles are generated
- Quantity of input: Use an undiluted or a diluted solution of 1 ~ 100ppm.
- Method of diluting: For the improvement in dispersibility, dilute by 2~10 times with the relevant substance or    refined water
- Method of input
*Consecutive foaming process: Supply a regular quantity by use of a quantitative pump
*Where foam is generated rapidly: Spray
*Closed place: Add in advance  
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