Silicone-System Defoamer

Silicone Defoamer Foam Clean -200/-300/-350/-380
It is a silicone-system antifoaming agent used for manufacturing tofu and processing livestock, and general foods. Meeting with the standards of the Food Sanitation Act, it has great immediate effects and sustainability.
  Ingredients and Content
Product Name Silicone Resin (%) Viscosity (25¡É) pH(25¡É) Ion Diluent Use
Foam Clean 200 30 100-1,000cs 6.0-8.0 Non-inon Water Good immediate effect and dispersibility; For general food processing
Foam Clean 300 30 500-2,500cs       For general food processing
Foam Clean 350 33 " " " " For manufacturing tofu
Foam Clean 380 33 " " " " For livestock processing
  We develop the products that are suitable for your conditions and uses in addition to the above products, so please contact our R&D Center and sales division.
  It shows excellent effects only with its small quantity.
- Foam Clean has an excellent antifoaming effect and it is suitable for food-manufacturing process.
In general, the addition of 10~150ppm can make sufficient effects.
- The addition of its small quantity doesn¡¯t have any influence on the quality of products.
It is harmless physiologically.
- It uses silicone resin and surfactant, which are recognized as food additives, so it is physiologically
It has excellent stability and it is inactive.
- It is chemically inactive so it doesn¡¯t react with other ingredients easily and it maintains excellent
   performance in acid and alkali solutions.
- It shows stable performance even after it is kept for a long time.
  Manufacturing tofu; Livestock depilation; Dehydration and evaporation of foods; Esterification of vegetable oil Fruit and vegetable processing; Suppressing and removing foam of syrup medicines, tea, coffee, and other instant foods; Manufacturing soft drink; Removing foam during the brewing process; Manufacturing soymilk; Manufacturing (refining) sugar
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